True Cost of Owning A Car

Lesson Plan and Assessment

Taylor and Tyler

Watch these animated adventures of twins, Taylor and Tyler as they learn about financial knowledge and skills that are critical to future success.
Teens & Money at www.saveandinvest.org/taylor

Get Smart About Money @Milwaukee Public Library

You’ll recognize the value and teens will appreciate the authenticity of three videos about needs vs. wants, credit, and banking.
Program URL
“To Your Credit”
“Check It Out!”
“Bank Your Future”

It’s Your Money

Watch this clever presentation from the Monroe County Library to remember that handling money takes both hands working together.
YouTube link

Get Real Here’s the Deal

Designed by educators with the University Of Arkansas Division Of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service, this hands-on experiential simulation gives young people in junior high and high school the opportunity to experience their future in a financial decision-making mode.
Get Real Here’s the Deal-Teacher Training
Get Real Here’s the Deal-Script
Get Real Here’s the Deal-Getting It Together
Get Real Here’s the Deal-Evaluation

Hang on to Your Wallet

Listen and learn about investing and saving and through this polished series of podcasts from the Timberland Regional Library System.
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The Ins and Outs of Money

Lively patter makes each episode of this radio program from the Monroe County Library both entertaining and enlightening.
Financial Literacy
Saving, #1
Saving, #2
Tax Credits, #1
Tax Credits, #2
College, #1
College, #2

Movie List for Money Movie Madness, Estes Valley

Estes Valley (CO)
Money Movie Madness

Two Teens and a Credit Card

Insert this ready-made and effective program in your line-up of teen programs. The script, from the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension is guaranteed to get attention.
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