Gen X & Y

“Tapped Out” Confessions of Debt Ridden GenX and GenY

The Timberland Regional Library System tapped into their network to produce this timely video.
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The Ins and Outs of Money

Lively patter makes each episode of this radio program from the Monroe County Library both entertaining and enlightening.
Financial Literacy
Saving, #1
Saving, #2
Tax Credits, #1
Tax Credits, #2
College, #1
College, #2

Gen X Pre and Post Test

Developed by the Extension Office at Iowa State University, in collaboration with Ames Public Library, this test was used as both pre and post to create baseline information and to determine level of understanding following class presentations.
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Hang on to Your Wallet

Listen and learn about investing and saving and through this polished series of podcasts from the Timberland Regional Library System.
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Nebraska Library Commission

This state agency designed a multi-phase project to meet the growing need for financial education and resources among 22 rural communities. They focused on three main components: staff training to increase confidence and knowledge; collection development to expand local resources and offering a customer financial literacy course in partnership with education experts.

How To Track Spending

Learn six different methods to track spending from Families Understanding Numbers (F.U. N.) series at Chesterfield County Library.
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Budget Worksheet

Use the template from the Chesterfield County Public Library or customize this excel worksheet to help manage your budget.
Budget Worksheet

The 100 Foot Journey

Food is the third largest household expense. Travel the grocery aisles with these shopping tipscompiled by the Lebanon County Library.
Grocery Shopping Tips