Rainy Day Ready: Financial Literacy Programs and Tools

“Libraries are perfectly positioned to carry out the work of empowering people to achieve their life goals. Building personal finance concepts into programs you’re already doing, such as storytimes, reach an audience you already have.”

A survey from the American Psychological Association shows that money is a more frequent cause of worry than work, family, or health issues. Empowering people with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions is an important way to make a difference in your community, and many libraries across the country are doing just that. Drawing from the expertise of business librarians and ALA’s Public Programs Office (PPO), Rainy Day Ready is a ready-to-use guide for offering financial literacy initiatives at your own library. Presenting 16 model programs from a variety of institutions, complete with budgets and funding sources, this resource shares


Looking to take your library’s financial literacy efforts to the next level? Connect with ALA’s Financial Literacy Interest Group.