Manager Tools

Staff Development Toolkit

This toolkit helps managers shape and evaluate training programs for library staff. There’s also guidance for managing your library’s personal finance and investing collections, and a curated list of online resources for responding to patron’s money-related reference questions.

Public Library Personal Finance Survey

This research report from ALA’s Office for Research & Evaluation examines staff competencies, professional development, and patron programs and services in U.S. public libraries.

Staff Training Needs Assessment


Concise, five-question survey will help determine staff knowledge and confidence about financial literacy resources.

Focus Group Protocol

Use this focus group guide and script to gather staff feedback about knowledge, confidence and skill levels related to personal finance and investing.

Evaluating Financial Literacy Staff Training

Knowledge Instrument

A pre and post test will help assess knowledge staff members gained as a result of training activities.

Attitude Instrument

A pre and post survey will help assess how staff attitudes about library services related to personal finance have changed as a result of staff development activity.

Behavior Instrument

Measure how well library staff members put into practice what they learned from training activities. A “mystery shopper”, posing as an individual library patron, can experience library services first-hand and provide feedback to library management.

Skills Instrument

Reference interview skills for personal finance questions can be learned. Adapt these questions to determine whether staff members can identify the financial concepts embedded in a patron question and select an appropriate resources to answer the question.

Collection Management for Personal Finance and Investing Resources

Personal Finance Libguide

ALA’s Office for Research and Evaluation maintains this libguide to help libraries build their personal finance collections.

Step-by-Step Collection Management Tool

Use this tool to systematically manage your library’s collection of personal finance and investing resources.

Collection Inventory, Condition and Usage Data Template

Gather information and statistics with this easy to use template.

Online Personal Finance & Investing Resources: Free, Reliable & Essential

Refer to this curated list of online resources and respond to patrons’ money-related reference questions.