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Webinars and Resources

Webinar: 6 Fun and Easy Financial Literacy Programs and How To Do Them
Resources for 6 Fun and Easy Financial Literacy Programs and How To Do Them

Webinar: Helping Library Patrons Put Their Financial House in Order
Resources for Helping Library Patrons Put Their Financial House in Order

Webinar: Beyond the Basics of Personal Finance: Helping Library Patrons Help Themselves
Resources for Beyond the Basics of Personal Finance: Helping Library Patrons Help Themselves

Analyze the Audience

Assessing Audience Needs

Customizing your program for a target audience means doing things their way, not your way. In a library system, that can be difficult. Learn tips and examples from Multnomah County Public Library’s successful Smart Investing @your library project.
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Market research summary of Millennials, Gen X & Baby Boomers

Schaumburg Township District Library Staff developed one survey using skip logic to gather input from all three groups to gauge their financial literacy and develop appropriate programming.
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Train the Staff

Online Self-Paced Reference Course

Increase your confidence and competence with Smart Investing: Reference Strategies and Resources, a stand-alone course developed by Santa Clara County Library District with Infopeople that builds your knowledge about personal finance and investing.

Staff Survey on Investor Education Content

What reference sources would you use to answer these questions about personal investing? Timberland Regional Library used this tool to help develop their staff training.
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Staff financial knowledge survey

This general knowledge quiz is a template and overview of stocks and bonds, savings, credit and more.
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Look inside the Program-in-a-Box

Witty librarians at the Los Angeles Public Library enhance programming amid staff shortages by creating Program-in-a Box.
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Patron and Staff Surveys

Created by the Schaumburg Township District Library, these practiceĀ surveys can be useful way to test out survey instruments.
Patron survey
Financial planners survey
Staff survey
Staff follow up survey

Investment Education Competencies

Modify this checklist, created by Ames Public Library, as a pre-test to help determine staff’s level of financial confidence and knowledge.
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Measure the Results

Evaluation 101

Outcomes based evaluation is a systematic way to assess how well a program has achieved its intended results. Review this step by step presentation from the ALA Office of Research and Statistics to learn how to design an evaluation plan.
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How To Work with an Outside Evaluator

This presentation by grantee Joanne Kahn offers step-by-step information to help you work successfully with a third-party evaluator. It also applies to working with communications firms or other partners.
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NEFE Financial Education Evaluation Online Toolkit

This National Endowment for Financial Education kit includes sample evaluations, an evaluation manual, and an evaluation database
with tools and forms.

Menu of Data Collection Methods

You can’t measure success without a baseline. A pre-test and a post-test is one method among many that can help gauge what people know before the program and what changed as a result of the program.
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Gen X Pre and Post Test

Developed by the Extension Office at Iowa State University, in collaboration with Ames Public Library, this test was used as both pre and post to create baseline information and to determine level of understanding following class presentations.
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Question Bank

Measure behavioral outcomes with questions that can be tailored to
align with the focus of your program.
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Fast Facts: Evaluation Survey Report

Measure the difference your program makes with these proven evaluation techniques.
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Build the Partnerships

Partnership Tool

Measure and compare the effectiveness of existing and potential partnerships.
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Fast Facts: Partnerships

Find out the community agencies that make the most successful partners.
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