Tools & Documents for Publicizing Programs

Leverage these tips and techniques to gain media attention for your program.

Key Messages

A list of key messages for you to use when describing your project in the media.
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Working with the Media

This handy field guide gives you key concepts and digital-savvy techniques for public relations.
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Getting Media Attention for Your Grant

Sample press releases, fact sheets and quick tips to help you win media coverage.
Local Grant Award Awareness
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Financial Literacy Month PR Templates

April is Financial Literacy Month. These tools will help you make the most of it with the media.
Fast Facts: Word File | PDF preview
Sample Release: Word File | PDF Preview

Fast Facts: Promotional Methods that Work

Twenty-seven grantees share promotional methods that work for their Smart investing@your library programming.
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Promotional and News Hook Calendar

When it comes to getting media attention, timing is critical. Use this calendar to find the right times for media coverage of your project.
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Tips & Tools for Financial Success

Tips and Tools for Financial Success was created by the Newton Free Library, MA to benefit learners in one-to-one, small group, classroom or self-study situations.
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Saving to Invest & Investing to Save

Fifty-two one minute radio scripts give listeners lots of reasons to learn more about finances at the Lewiston City Library.
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Radio Saga Plus Scripts

Ames Public Library outreach plan leverages newspaper op-eds and a series of two-minute “radio sagas” on investing topics.
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Albany Public Library cable TV commercial scripts

Try out these 30 and 15 second cable TV video and audio scripts about consumer credit and debt.
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“It’s Your Money, Get Smart” Video Scripts

Read these scripts written by staff at Schaumburg Township District Library for Baby Boomers and Gen X and watch videos posted on You Tube.
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Debt Management Talk Show Scripts

Schaumburg Township District Library staff interview financial professionals and discuss debt, money management, savings and more.
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Walking a Financial Tightrope?

The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County produced this brochure in partnership with The Mahoning County Financial Stability Partnership.
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The Essence of Social Marketing

The most essential purposes and goals of social marketing methods.
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Social Marketing Audit

Learning how your audience thinks, and how you can influence it.
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